001 | When You Go Out Photoshooting

Blog Entry 001

When you go out photoshooting.

  • Make sure you have the batteries fully charged. Not only the one in the camera. At least 1 backup, depending on how long you will be out shooting.
  • Make sure the SD card is properly formatted and ready to use. When you return, you won’t need to think what the latest pictures are. You don’t need to filter thru in order to find the latest images.
  • Check the ISO to make sure you are shooting with the correct settings (in case postproduction is not yet your thing)
  • Make sure you are photo shooting in the right mode, A, S, P or Manual. If you are reading this topic then you moved away from AUTO / beginner mode.

If you are still photo shooting in AUTO mode then maybe is time for knowledge upgrade. Message me and move to the next level in one day time. You will understand what these modes are about, where to choose one or the other, when is useful the P mode and when to avoid the A mode.

It is nothing complicated, I promise you.

Useful: to those owning a good camera and want to use it as best as possible, to those travelers that get to see many places, to those interested to capture great memories with friends and family, for those ready to invest in themselves.

Thats it for today. See you soon!


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