About this Workshop:

This is my well-known “Learn Your Camera” workshop. This practical workshop is for everyone interested in learning how to take great photos with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. It is a step-by-step workshop for creating amazing images. re). I will show you how the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO is what helps you create a fine image. You will also understand the manual focus and how to bring your unique creative style into your photos. You will learn how to shoot in manual (M), programming (P), shutter speed (S) or aperture (A) modes and understand the value of a RAW file.

If you are interested in buying a new camera, I can teach you what is really important when choosing camera brands, features, and accessories at various price points.. You will be able to save money avoid camera store traps. I will make you recommendations (based on the type of photography you are interested in) in regards to what to expect when entering a photo store. I can even recommend a variety of sources for photo equipment. I don’t work for any photo stores or brands, and I don’t plan to get a job somewhere in this domain. I am an independent photo/videographer and I look forward to keeping it this way.

If you can’t bring a camera to the workshop I can bring a few digital cameras for you to use. I will also have a variety of lenses for you to experiment with. You will learn to discern the difference between fixed focal lenses and zoom lenses.

Time: about 1,5 Hours Indoor (Studio) & Outdoor (Practice)

Watch workshop video:

Learn Your Camera – Camera Workshop – Improve Your Photography


| 1,5 Hours

Learn Your Camera

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Learn Your Camera - A Photo Workshop. Learn Photography. Invest In Yourself.

This is my well-known "Learn Your Camera" workshop. This practical workshop is for everyone interested in learning how to take great photos with a DSLR or a mirrorless camera.

#lifeTimeExperience #learnYourCamera #fromOrdinaryToExtraordinary

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Sorin Florian Brici

I am an experienced international freelance photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the photography industry. I am skilled in props, lighting, adobe products, portrait photography, printing and image capture. Involved in various artistic concepts and design professional with an AEC’s degree focused in commercial photography from college Marsan in Montreal – French Canada.

I am collaborating with local Brands or Businesses to improve their image, to show off their successful line of products or their amazing employees. I am doing weekly photo sessions for people around me in order to bring a fresh air into their social media presence. My sessions takes place in a very friendly environment filled with classic music.

I do engagement photo sessions in my beautiful WienMitte studio in Vienna, as well as wedding sessions in various locations in central Europe. I collaborate with Graphi Studio Italia for the best possible Photo Printed Album. I am an Adobe contributor and I use quality glass lenses for my lovely customers.

In case you have a question, an idea, a project or you just want to say hello, please write Brici Photography a WhatsApp message. I will be more than delighted to talk to you as soon as possible. I am currently based in beautiful city of Vienna (Austria).

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