015 | Boudoir

This is a private workshop I have done a number of times It is one of my favourite styles of photography and I hope you will enjoy learning this unique art form. A photo workshop where we discuss, evaluate, and experience sensual photography. You should bring your own camera, fully loaded batteries and empty SD cards. We will go over the studio setup, the lightning equipment, models, and we will start shooting with the scope to create artistic images. We will be able to edit & print the best shots at the end of the photo workshop. Keep in mind that this is not nude photography.

Please contact me if you would like to participate. There are some details that need to be discussed: the model, make-up artist, and studio / location. As the location might be a hotel room, a professional photo studio, or an Airbnb apartment, we are limited to only 4-6 clients.

3 Hours Indoor (Studio)

Explore Boudoir Photography. Retouching. Discover Prints.

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3 Hour | €250

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