003 | What’s in my gear bag?

Today we talk about ‘’What’s in my gear bag?’’

I do carry a bunch of things with me every time a project needs to be done. I usually have 2-3 cameras with me, not only because I need a backup, but also because I use different lenses and I don’t have time to replace lenses that often. It is true that I also have different lenses with me.

Here below a quick list with equipment that I have in my gear bag.


Nikon D850, Nikon Df and Sony A7II


Nikon: 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200 VR f/2.8, 85mm f/1.4 15-35mm f/2.8

Sony: 50mm f/0.95 135mm f/2.0


2x Nikon SB-910

Wireless Flash Trigger:

Nikon WR-R10 wirless remote trigger with the WR-A10 Adaptor

Camera Bag:

Tink Tank Airport Navigator

Portable Lighting:

2x Ice Light 2

2x GVM 800D RGB


The Omega Reflector 360

This is pretty much the starting point for a project. Other things might be added before start. As a starting photographer, you definitely need 2 camera bodies, 2 flashes and a minimum of 2 lenses to start with. In terms of prices, don’t jump on new equipment, test, test and test.

I hope this helps a bit. Take these things as my own recommendations based on experience. Have a great day and talk to you soon.

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